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URGENT - Invisible Ex MSN status - - -


I found out by accident that whilst I have integrated the two accounts (my Skype and MSN) and although I change the picture and mood on my Skype interface, my ex MSN contacts see my old profile pic and my old status...
Through chatting with an exmsn friend I found out that he s having his ex msn status on which is now false and the same goes for me too.. I tried contacting Microsoft chat support but they directed me to first to Skype support (who in turn redirected back to Microsoft)

I realised that my pic on Skype is not the one my msn contacts view and whilst I can go into the trouble of logging into the Microsoft live profile page and change it from there, this is not the same about my ex msn status which not only I cannot see (only my contacts can see it) I cant even find a way to change/delete it! And that is unacceptable!


Also realised that there is no longer any file sharing with msn contacts...


Frustrating and unacceptable too! Am communicating false information and I run the risk of being accused for it!



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