Moving from my Mum away from a Windows XP? desktop, I've just set up Windows Live Mail on their Windows 7 Laptop.

On Windows XP she was using Outlook Express with 2 ISP provided email addresses. (One for her and one for my Dad)

Her familiarity with Outlook Express was the one thing holding her back from not using their laptop.

With a friend she organises a Garden society and has to send regular emails to all of the members telling them what visits they're planning.

On Windows XP from Outlook Express she'd organised all of the members addresses into 5 groups with about 30 addresses in each then for privacy she'd individually send each group the mail with the group in the BCC.

She's been doing this for 4 or 5 years.

I set up a new mail account for her and used the Mail Migration add-on to import the emails and contacts from Outlook Express on her XP desktop into her account.

This seemed to work fine, all of the contacts? and groups were imported into her account.

I then installed Live Mail on their Windows 7 laptop and added her account.

This seemed to work fine, all of the contacts and groups were imported into Live Mail.

Sending mails to individual addresses or lists of addresses seems to work fine.

The problem happens when she tries to CC or BCC her groups of contacts in the Garden Society mails.

The mails seem to be sent and there are no errors shown but no one receives anything.

I've read in other threads that there are temporary CC limits imposed on Live Mail and to prevent spamming. (Possibly as low as 10) ... And sending to a smaller group works OK.

There's no information about when these temporary limits are lifted or how she can prove she's not a spammer.

I understand the need to prevent Spam but this all seems somewhat overkill.

She needs to send to the groups a couple of times a month, 5 mails (one to each group) with about 30 members BCC'd in each group.

She obviously doesn't want to go through the hassle of splitting her 5 groups into 15 (with 10 in each) and sending out 15 mails every time.

A business account is not an option because no money is involved. It's just a load of OAPs who get together a few times a month and visit pretty Gardens. 

Is there someway she can do this through Live Mail?

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