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I have a strange problem. I can't see my older emails in windows live subfolders. When I click subfolder open, I see all my emails there, but when I click on mails, I can only see one (first and older one usually), not others - no matter which email I click, I can always see only one mail, clicking to another, still opens this one and only email. And it is only in some folders, most of the folders are ok. Reason could be some virus - I got this from our company partner, who had some strong virus inside their company's computers and partners emails were in some list. Although this company changed all computers a while ago, I still get some spam email and and folders which are locked are subject to this partner. Has anybody an idea how to fix this. I also have a new computer, but no difference, I guess i got this problem when I imported old Win live mails to new computer. Google doesn't help, at least I could find similar problems.

Thank You in advance


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