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i have 4 files within 4 folders, i can rename 2 but the other two refuse to rename.
i go to move those files out of the folder on to the root of the drive, it copies and refuses to move it!

since july 30th, 2015, then entire last 4 years, literally, I have had my i drive shared. every single day and that is 1,460 times, literally, i open my network and i see a lot of shares including the i drive, but today, mysteriously and miraculously all the shares are there except for the i drive.
all that plus the refusal of keeping user made settings, the complete randomness of being able to make lets say 34 folders, put 34 files into those folders, now open each one one by one and you will see 11, 12, maybe 13 of them in one view, but strangely this newly created folder view on the 14th when opened is in a totally different view and lastly the networking not working ever and MS constantly thinking every internet connection is public and all this and the only way to fix it is to reinstall. What a hoot and my mother said once my computer aint doing anything and i open task manager and there was literally 30+ usless MS related apps and services that hogging down all her resources: runtime broker 15%, MS content 12% antimalware 25% index 5%, it goes on and on and on and on. windows xp less than 20 processes, windows 7 less than 45 processes and MS's holy grail over 200 processes and that's after a fresh install. BS, all BS.

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