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Hello everyone

I'm having issues being able to verify my email address. I have been emailing with a rep from the companies website to try and rectify the situation. On their end they say that on one of the welcome emails I tabbed them as spam (this would be over a month ago) and to try and find that email and unspam it. That email has since been deleted so I can't go back to do that. I tried looking in my blocked senders list and I dont see them listed there. I added them to approved senders list (even added them to the approved mailing list list just to be sure) and still can't get any of their emails to come through. (If your wondering why I can send/receive emails from the rep its because their helpdesk goes through a different email server). 

All in all I'm at a loss on how to be able to receive emails from this sender. Its important that I be able to verify and later receive emails from them and I'd hate to have to deactive my account with them just to do something I feel should be simple to solve. 

The company is Nerdwallet.com

The email that I can no longer receive emails from is *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

any help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated!


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