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Hello - 

  My Aunt is having issues opening GMail emails in Windows Live Mail 2012.  Yes, I'm aware that there is no more support for this, but she's used to it and doesn't want to change.  I'm hoping someone can help me fix it.  The emails seem to download, but when clicked on, there is a message that says: An unexpected error occurred.  Please check your system for low memory and try again (not verbatim, but pretty close).  She has 8GB of RAM and close to 400GB of disk space.

  I have tried the following to get her up and running (to no avail):

1)  I re-configured the IMAP settings as per GMail's instructions (using both the default & port #'s provided by GMail);

2)  I updated Windows 10 & Google Chrome;

3)  I uninstalled and reinstalled WLM (3 times) via control panel/uninstall programs (her account keeps coming up when WLM is launched - instead of a "blank" version) - have also restarted the computer between uninstalling & reinstalling;

4)  I tried to remove her account, but all the folders still appear in the left hand column;

Also of note is that I have downloaded WLM and added her account on another computer and it works normally.  Her "Storage Folders" which contain emails from her previous provider (q.com) are accessible and those emails can be opened/read.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.



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