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Hi All,

I posted this recently, but probably in the wrong category ... so here it is again:

I know there are lots of various questions about MM out there. 

But this is different, I think.

First, I'm aware: it's not supported anymore - that there is still a lot of demand for it - that there are corrupt versions out there.

However - I have a clean, original version (full Essentials) from the archive and also a new one from MiniTool, also clean/original, but without Messenger, etc. (I'm not talking about Minitool Movie Maker ... I'm talking exclusively about the original Windows Movie Maker, which they also offer).

The problem exists with both versions, same symptoms, same messages.

Anyways-I installed it on a newly built custom machine ... no problem .. works like a charm ... it's still the best amongst the simple ones.

But at home ... another custom machine, almost identical, Win 10, Pro, 64, all in top condition, updated, clean as a whistle ... IT DOES NOT WORK!

It installs everything, including Photo Gallery, etc. ... but not Movie Maker???? 

But I can see the Windows Movie Maker.exe file in Program Files (x86) > Windows Live.

It  also shows in CCleaner and Revo Uninstaller, and as a shortcut on the desktop ... YET DOES NOT OPEN/LOAD.

After install I'm getting prompted to restart, something went wrong, but that doesn't help. Otherwise I'm getting the message "Failed to open/run"... along that line. 

I used the Microsoft Install/Uninstall troubleshooter tool nd got rid of all Windows Live items.

I uninstalled with Revo, cleaned the registry of all old, left-over Windows Live items ... then reinstalled ... no change, not working.

I downloaded the stand-alone uninstaller wlarp.exe, ran it .... all to no avail. MM will not run/open.

The only difference between the two computers is that one is brand new-so it never had Essentials on it ... the other, older one (with the problem) had Win7 first, before upgrading to 10 when it came out.

I tried everything, clean boot, cleaning all traces and leftovers, SFC ok, Dism ScanHealth ... ok ... 

any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Both machines: Win10 Pro, 64 bit, newest update, SSDs only for Op. Syst.

New: 32 Gb Ram, Samsung 960 SSD, Nvidia 2060, i9 Intel ... Old: 16 GB Ram, Samsung 850 SSD, i7


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