I am trying without success to install Windows Essentials 2012 on a Windows 7 system.

I try to run the program wlsetup-web.exe frfom the Microsoft Windows Essentials web page. I get a small blue "Wiondows Essentials 2012" window which tells me "trying to install...." After 30 secs I get the message "Done! You have the latest version of Windows Essentials". However there are no short-cuts or references to Windows Essentials or any of its components in the start menu.  The "programs and features" list via Control Panel does not list the installation, and even Revo Unibstaller cannot find it. When I try to install Windows Essentials 2011 instead I get the message that a more recent version of Essentials is already installed. So it is supposed to be installed, won't run, won't uninstall and prevents me using an older version.

What's going can ?  Can you help please ?   Thanks.

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