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I know my email address and password for my hotmail email address but cannot login.    Everytime I try the system detects unusual activity and forces me to provide way more information then should be necessary to regain access to my account.   I originally setup the email like 20 years ago for the purpose of having an email address to use when I wasn't sure if I'd be spammed to the third party asking for it.   Therefore I put as little accurate/random information in order to protect my identity (in case the hotmail account got hacked).  Back then security was way way more relaxed then it is now.   The system changed without my permission to one of excessive security before I could change the backup email address to one I still have access to.   Back then security rested on the secret question and answer (which I still remember) which should be more then enough to regain access but the automated system always rejects my over 9 attempts over the years.

 The form that comes up insists that I put in a birth date when I picked something at random on purpose when I set it up (to protect my identity) therefore I don't know what it is.  I do have the answer to my secret question.   Can someone clear the "usual activity" flag so the email password and secret question answer is good enough to login again?   

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