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This is a shout out for urgent help. Please help me out.

I have been using this email account since 2008, back when I was still a minor. While creating my account, I had to register a Parents email ID, and I did so with my mothers.

Fast forward to 2014. I have been using this account for 6 whole years now. My online life has virtually been tied to this account of mine. Everything I have ever used on the internet through my teenage account is effectively connected to this email account. This includes my Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Steam, Origin, Flickr, Youtube and many more less important but countable websites.

Now this is where the problems start occurring. 

I started using the Outlook app in 2014. The app, although unpolished, and feature-less was my only means of using my email account on my mobile via an app.
Once I logged into this app and started using it things seemed okay for a while. This is when issues started arising. I started having issues logging into my Outlook account. Whenever I tried to login, I would be met with an 'incorrect password' error. At first I was taken aback, as I could  easily login to the app, but not the website. Since I could not believe this was possible, I tried to narrow down on to the problem. I logged out of the mobile app (I was using an Android phone) and tried logging in, and it worked fine. Since, I had bypassed my error, I did not give much insight into the problem, and did not look at the bigger picture.

This was my biggest mistake. 

Microsoft soon released a revamped version of the Outlook app. I was naturally excited, as this was being touted as the true successor to the old app, with loads of features. Frankly, I was quite tired of the old app by now. I uninstalled it. And reinstalled the new app. 
When I attempted to login, I was met with the same error, that I was facing on the website. I was getting the 'incorrect password' error again. Frightened by now, I had already attempted to download the .apk file of the old Outlook App, and tried to login but this did not seem to work.

Now I was in a fix. This was a really big problem. 

Naturally, I attempted to recover my password. I went through the steps, and a recovery email was sent to my Parent email account. But this is where things get worst. My ageing mother had by now forgotten her old Hotmail Emails credentials, and she could not access it. She had made the move to Gmail by now.

I could not recover using phone number, as I had never set it up. Never having had a mobile phone for the majority of my teenage life. My only hope lay in filling the Password Reset Form. I filled it out to the maximum extent I could, hoping this might work. A quick glance at the end made me realise many of the fields were empty. My CC details field was empty (I had never connected a Credit card to this account) and many of the other fields were sparsely filled. I had not sent to many emails using this account, and could not remember the email accounts of the people who had sent me mails back in my school days. Email had already become obsolete for conversations and I had conversed with only my school mates back in 2008-2009. In the end many of the fields were sparse/empty, including the security question.  I HAD no idea of what the answer to my security question was. I had set it back in 2008. It was now 2015. It was as if I was trying to remember the events of a past life. I tried a couple of times, in the last few months to fill out this form, but to no avail, and even filling the form has been disabled for my account. 

Now, Microsoft suggests I move on and make a new account. I know this is not feasible at all. All the services tied to my account would become redundant and now this is my final hope of recovering my account. 

I have conversed with customer support, and they suggested I ask for help here. I hope I can provide any details necessary to prove that this account is truly mine, and I am willing to go to a great extent to get it back. Please, if there is anything that can be done to gain back access to my account, please do help me with it.

A tired, and weary Hotmailer,
Karan Rawat

PS: It took me some time to write all this up. Please do read through it all to understand my viewpoint. I am truly desperate at this point, as logically I know there is not much that can be done now. I plead to Microsoft Support to please help me out in this situation. I have written this from an Outlook account, I made specifically to post my question here. If you want to contact me, I can provide an alternate mobile number.

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