Hi all,

Apparently our situation has been overlooked when it comes account verification...

My (Mexican) wife and I (Belgian) are moving quite often for my work. Every time we arrive in a new country, our accounts get blocked and we are asked to fill in a form to retrieve them. Unfortunately for me, I only use my account rarely, when I return to Belgium to meet with my friends and cannot get through the test. And unfortunately for my wife, she mainly uses her account to receive important information (bank for example) and can also not get through the test. Moreover, my wife's notifications get sent to my blocked hotmail account.

Seems impossible to recover our accounts and even if we do, they will most probably get blocked when we move to the next country ...

Where is the time that a simple security question was enough? Where is the time when we could at least send an email to an admin instead of having no other choice then creating a new email address to be able to post our problem on a forum?

I understand this is for security purposes, but the system is so severe that we cannot access our own accounts anymore.

Can Microsoft please look into this and come up with a solution?

I would suggest one: if you are an admin, you can probably see my name and surname. With that you will probably see that I have another account which has been blocked. If you can then take a look in my emails, you will see the notification which was sent for my wife's blocked account. With that information you should be able to unblock both our accounts and hopefully also change the settings which would block our accounts every time we change country. Once solved the account I am sending this message from can be deleted.

I hope you can solve this as it would be quite a trouble having to create new accounts.

In advance thank you!

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