I registered a domain (using a test domain thankfully) in Windows Live Admin Center and imported an existing test Microsoft account to use with it.

I wanted to test the process for removing the domain and continuing to use the Microsoft account as a regular account in case I ever need to migrate away from WLAC for email.

The mailbox for that account is no longer available and that is expected. However, contacts/People also no longer works for that account. I either get an infinite-looping redirect, or an outlook.com-branded error page. This is not expected since contacts/People feature works on Microsoft accounts that do not have mail services (using "email as sign in only").

Note: the Microsoft account with the issue is different than the account used to post this topic.

I am planning to migrate from Google Apps to WLAC with Outlook.com mail but I need to make sure that if I ever need to migrate from WLAC for whatever reason in the future, that the Microsoft accounts registered for the domain can continue using critical features (expect for mail obviously) of the Microsoft account such as contacts/People.

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