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I thank  ClitheroeKid for his recent gracious help (as well as  ¡Firedog for past responses that continue to guide me.)  

My new question:Is it possible to combine Mail.MSMessageStore databases? Here’s the basis for my question:

Running a PC with Windows 10 Build 1909,my [overburdened] WLM 2012 program has apparently created an "additional backup folder" called "2020-10-07-185859." It apparently ONLY contains the data needed to properly read Messages NOT otherwise contained in my recently created Mail.MSMessageStore database .The latter was successfully created by the WLM program to read Messages in Storage Folders that had become corrupted.The vast majority of those Storage folder Messages can now be read! Thank you ClitheroeKid !

However,there are  OTHER messages that WERE being read by the small amount of data that apparently has ended up in what i have described as an "additional backup folder."  How can i access this data WITHOUT replacing all the data now in my main  Mail.MSMessageStore database? FYI: The folder called "Backup" has no Mail.MSMessageStore file within it.

Here are some pictures that might illustrate what i'm talking about:

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