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I have the real Windows Movie Maker on my old desktop PC, but I want to install it on my new  laptop PC.

Any way of transferring it to the new laptop?

In the Microsoft Store I found a free (?) app called Movie Maker, by Videopix, which presumably has nothing to do with the real Windows Movie Maker.

On a website called windowsmoviemaker.org I downloaded and installed an alleged free "Windows Movie Maker 2016 for Windows 10", but after I installed it, it told me that this was a free trial and that I would have to pay for the full programme, but didn't say how much. Cowboy country!!!! I uninstalled it.

Now from Microsoft there is Sway and, looming, Story Remix. Sway only saves stories online, but will Story Remix be a suitable general purpose replacement for Windows Movie Maker, or will it be a bit beyond my modest requirements / software skills?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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