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I am a new user of Movie Maker. I use Windows 8 and downloaded it from a Microsoft Essentials bundle just last week. I have successfully produced 3 videos using this software and had them automatically saved to my Video Library. The peculiar thing is that I lost them at first because I categorize my library by date (newest videos first), and instead of listing with the raw footage that I used in January 2014, the three videos had an embedded production date of 12/31/1903, so they naturally were at the very end of all my family videos, just after my first digital transfers in 2002.


Prior to taking any of the raw footage, I had updated all of the settings on the new HD camcorder, so my videos and stills would be dated properly, which they are...so I am assuming that the date was embedded during the output production of the video timeline, based on some sort of back end setting that I can not find. It is not too troublesome to me, it just becomes an annoyance now that I finally began to get a handle on organizing by date nearly a TB of family videos on an exterior drive.  Anyone have a clue on this one?

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