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Windows 10!!!

My Current PC has went through 2 Upgrades, Two Downgrades, Multiple Factory Restores (Though only one of them was for Windows 10). These were the issues caused by Windows 10. Out of the few times I Upgraded, it turned into tragedy and data loss.

Many Video-Related Programs didn't work, In fact Programs didn't work in general. Critical Errors (Start and Cortana) constantly came up. Windows was Filled With Issues.

However, the single Issue that was still present in Windows 10 During My Second Upgrade Attempt was a Windows Movie Maker Problem. No matter what I Tried (Reinstalls, Suggestions, Exc.) I could not get that program working. Since my PC has Such low Specs, I can't run Any Video Editor except for older Versions of Adobe Premiere and After Effects (Which I Prefer Hitfilm, but that won't run either).

There has to be a way to get Movie Maker to Run. I have my Files Backed up Already Because I have A Feeling my Hard Drive is nearing Its end. If I had to clean install Windows 10 to get Movie Maker Working, It's Fine This Time.

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