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( I just want to preference this with the fact that I heard Hewlett Packard -HP- is fighting with Microsoft, I don't know why and don't care at the moment;  but maybe this is why out of the blue after getting this computer, it did a usual Windows Update, like ALL new products do and it suddenly DIED. Like I couldn't even turn it on; DEAD. THANKFULLY I was able to find a solution on YouTube of all places, where you actually turn the computer on and before it gets a change to shut itself off again you press the ESC.-Escape Key- Over and Over and OVER, in EXTREMELY RAPID succession till you get a Blue Screen, which from there lets you RESET Windows so that you can actually USE the thing you purchased. >X-P!!!!!!!! SO yeah, to anyone who reads this, there you go. )

Now I KNOW that I WON'T get an Answer to this question, I'm just letting others out there know that YOU'RE NOT ALONE!


So here's my problem.

The Windows Camera "App"/Program that USED to work Perfectly Well, on ALL PREVIOUS iterations of Windows has suddenly decided to STOP WORKING.


It just WON'T WORK.

I have tried EVERYTHING.

1. I have Created a New “Camera Roll” Folder. I even went through the trouble of creating one in the Video, Pictures and even Documents Folders hoping that maybe the camera was trying to save to one of these locations. All no dice.

2. I tried Specifying the Location for Saving New Photos and Videos by going to Start > Settings > System > Storage > and then clicking on Change Where New Content Is Saved. From here I got the usual list and all, and yes I TRIED to change it to ANYTHING AT ALL, but the ONLY thing it offered was this. ...  I was GOING to post a Screen Shot here, No Dice, so Instead I'll SAY what it showed.

The C Drive. The only "Option" it gave was the C Drive. There were NO Other Options!

And yes, I clicked on the C Drive anyway.
This also did NOT work.

3. I Reset the Camera App. This did not work. I Updated the Camera App, this did not work.

4. I Updated the Camera Driver. I even, in the past, Uninstalled and Reinstalled the Camera Driver. All to no Avail.

This all happenedafter Windows went and updated itself, heck not 2 weeks after I got this darn computer.

The darn camera was working BEFORE THIS, and has not been working since.

I got this problem on a MUCH OLDER model and just creating the “Camera Roll” Folder and then resetting the Camera App worked.

WHY is it not working for my HP Laptop!?!

I figure that being able to actually choose where this computer saves to should fix the problem, but as can be seen earlier the drop down menu does not give ANY Options other then the C Drive. … So yeah.

If ANYONE else has ANY Ideas PLEASE HELP! I NEED my WebCam and not being able to use it is the WORST THING EVER RIGHT NOW!


That's what I was going to post initially, but NOW ...

I WAS going to shout, "Please Help!" to anyone who could hear me, but at this point I KNOW it's worthless, and yes I KNOW I'm on a Microsoft Website, but I was Fruitlessly HOPING that FREEDOM OF SPEECH WOULD NOT BE SUPPRESSED and that my Problems would be heard by ANYONE Stumbling Across this!

There is NO Solution.

But at least you are NOT alone. >X*******-(!!!!!!!

Come, Sit, and Weep with me; for we have created HELL, Not Heaven through our technologies. - Violet Eyed Soul-Me. -

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