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I have a problem that is specific to both the desktop and android "Mail" apps.

There are 2 specific calendar events that I deleted from my live.com calendar, but they keep on showing in the both the desktop and android Mail apps, and they continue to appear in those two apps, and only in those two apps.  

To clarify, these 2 events have definitely been deleted, they do not show up here ...


Nor do they show up if I access my live.com account from any and all desktop apps (including Outlook), nor do they show up in any other android email apps.  

The desktop/android Mail apps don't give me the option of deleting them, nor of editing them.   I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the Mail apps, and of course removing and adding the live.com account.  I don't know if it's relevant, but the 2 events are annual recurring events, with a first occurrence in 1904.  I don't recall entering them as first occurring in 1904, but that's what they show.

I am guessing there's some kind of cache memory that I need to delete in both apps, but this way above my skill set!

Thanks in advance.

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