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I am upgrading current laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and want to backup all saved emails in Windows Live Mail in 2012. 

I have tried saving emails separately in .eml format and also export emails into C: drive folders to later copy to flash drive before upgrade to Windows 10.

When using .eml format RE: emails need to be renamed show current date email was now saved on. 

When using export emails it just shows number for file name and not email Subject line and also shows current date instead of email date so not helpful. Am I doing something wrong?

I tried to import both type emails back into Window Live Mail 2012 but does not work. What am I doing wrong?

Should I try to move emails into Outlook instead if so please let me know how.

I have read different comments that Window Live Mail is not compatible with Window 10 is this true?

Help would be very much appreciated!

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