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        I have Road Runner through Spectrum Road Runner which I link to Windows Live Mail 11 using Windows 10  I ran a compatibility check and said no updates needed and it also switched me to run in Win 7 mode.  This did not help.  I know that if I call Spectrum they will say it is a Microsoft problem which it may well be. They never take responsibility nor able to help with email problems.  Another problem I sometimes have is  sometimes in Live Mail I am asked for my pw - it already there to click but never works to give me my new mail which I know to use the pw from Road Runner server  I then must open email from RR site and check the box remember my user name and go back to Live Mail as now the new mail loads. This is a fixable problem.  This new problem of "a problem occurred while trying to open this message" is new and alarming 

 I do not like Win 10 and have never use OUTLOOK(no audio alert to new mail that I can find with the program    have OUTLOOK through my Windows Office 2010 Professional)

so please help with this 

I need to open my emails as vital to business and everything else.

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