14. April 2020 · Write a comment · Categories: Uncategorized
When I tried to start WLM, it won't launch the app. After a minute or so, a message (0x80041161) states that it could not be started. Also, states it may not be installed correctly. Or make sure the disk isn't full or "out of memory."   I'm using Windows 8.1.  I have lots of disk space and memory available.  I see that I'm not the only one having this issue.  As an additional headache - the Store app won't open either -- message states the app "can't connect" possible "server problem or network connection timed out".  I hope there's someone out there who can help. Apparently getting help from Microsoft on this WLM issue ended when MS stopped tech support a while back.  So what's the "excuse" for not being able to use the Store app now?

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