Once upon a time I made an email account, used it for quite a while. Then one day I got the classic "Someone might be using your account" message. I didn't do that much with my account so I didn't have much info to write, plus I was young and stupid so that didn't help. Eventually the account got locked and I was told to make a new one, so I did that.
Then somehow the hacker got access to my old email, changed a lot of passwords and everything, most importantly my Minecraft account and my Playstation Network password.
Managed to get just about everything back by proving I was the rightful owner except for PSN. Had a long conversation over email with their support, ended with them saying that having access to my email is pretty much the only way to get my account back.
Been filling that form out countless times, I've asked everyone I could think of for the emails I sent to them, managed to gather as much information I could, that wasn't enough for the form though.
Thankfully my old account was still linked to another one though so I could change the password of it, so at least the hacker wont have access to my account anymore, or at least I hope.
The reason I'm convinced it's a hacker is 'cause when my Minecraft account password was changed, the person changed my character skin multiple times, and when I got it back they tried to send a "forgotten password" email.
From what it seems like, begging Microsoft is the last chance I have to get my PSN account back. All I want is a minute to get my account back and delete the damn account.

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