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I accidentally deleted a WL Mail folder lets call it COMPANY folder, but I had backup. I used the IMPORT MAILS function selected the folder I deleted and Imported all messages. After restart the program the imported folder and files appeared but the emails body was missing. I checked physically on my drive the original COMPANY folder was there on the location but empty and a new COMPANY folder appeared under Imported mails(1)-storage folders-etc.etc. with all the 177 emails of that folder.

No idea if those filed phisically are there why WL Mail cant open the body?

The only solution I found was to copy phisically from the new COMPANY storage folder in my drive the mails to the old COMPANY folder and then open WL Mail. After this all the mails appeared as unread in the folder with all the body readable but the problem was that to each FROM field the program put an extra " or < character at the beginning which is really annoying.

Any solution?

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