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I have been using windows live mail since 2011 without any problems until now.

I check my emails several times a day and yesterday I opened my email to find ALL of my emails are gone. I also had a lot of folders where I had a lot of EXTREMELY IMPORTANT emails stored and they are all gone too. The reason I have these folders is so that I can easily find all my important emails for different purposes and there is no way that I would have accidentally deleted them. I also had an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT email saved in the drafts folder which I had been working on for almost a week and it was almost finished and I was supposed to send it yesterday but that is gone too and I will lose my job if I can not recover these emails so I am totally freaking out right now!

I have tried the stupid virtual assistant that just keeps sending me round and round in circles and I finally managed to talk to someone on the phone who told me that windows live mail is not supported and they could not help me and I was sent back to the stupid virtual assistant again.

I also had this same problem a couple of months ago and I need to know if there is a way to protect my emails from this in the future because I am going to lose my job if I can not recover the emails that I have lost right now and do not want this to happen again.

Is there anyone who can help me to recover my emails please?

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