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As of recently ( I don't know exactly when) all Outlook (my hotmail.com account) emails prior to 15 May 2017 were deleted from my inbox.  I have also lost a bunch of archive folders.    The mails date back to 2008.  I have been active on this account regularly.  I tried all the restore methods listed in old threads and a few others.  There are no recover options on this pc. 

I cannot find the old mail using Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird.  however, when I use Outlook (plain old "Mail") I can find the old emails by searching using dates (e.g. "2009" pulls up old mail from 2009 or more recent mail with that number in it).  I think I have lost a bunch of folders as well where I was storing mail from another mail server (a private mail server) which are possibly lost as well.

So the mail exists but neither Windows Live Mail nor Thunderbird can get to them.

How can this be rectified?

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