30. August 2017 · Write a comment · Categories: Uncategorized
I had a gmail and live account connected to my facebook account im trying to recover. Due to my phone being stolen which had 2 step verification on all of the, i have been locked out? And because they are all over 18 yrs old and i no longer remember dates accounts were created etc. And the info i enter is not enough information to prove ownership of any of them? If i could just recover my live account i could recover all. But i keep getting the same response not enough info etc..., can anyone tell me what i can do that i have not tried? I have my student loans and important court documents in there and i have a court date coming up real soon. It is vitally important that i recover them! Can someone please assist me? Can i just send a photo of my drivers license as proof of identity? And if so, where to?

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