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Split from this thread.

I cannot help technically with your problem but can confirm that you are not the only one having problems with microsoft emails.

In my wifes case, access to windows was denied consequently no email. After spending all day going around and around in circles trying to verify her account, I eventually gave up and created another account for her, together with a matching email address: this went O.K. until you try to access the email program. Access denied, because of problems with that account and or password. duh!

additionally I have learn t that SOME emails sent to  my account are being bounced back to the sender!

By accident I bumped into a friend this morning and his wife lost her account, plus some other strange events.

What is going on? One answer is to transfer to another email program, say, "gmail". Even more dramatically abandon "windows" altogether and use a "linux" based operating system. In the past I used "ubuntu" which worked fine.

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