I recently migrated my co-workers to a new mail host called Zoho. Our old mail were set up as POP3, but our new is set up as IMAP.

The migration went perfect and sending/receiving mails works as well. However, once in a while (like it happens a few times every day), some (not all) of my co-workers receive a 800ccc0f error, which says Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. This may be due to an error on the server, network problems, or the connection has not been used for a long time.

Question. Is this a problem with Outlook/WLM or Zoho's servers? I find it funny that it only happens to some of my co-workers, but the rest never received these errors. I suspect a corrupt Outlook profile, but I did try to remove it completely then set up a new one.

Zoho contacted me saying I should send them the error message, which I did, but I might as well ask in here.

What could the problem be?

EDIT: We also face another problem. When a mail has been read, it will be marked as read. However, after a while (when new mails are being received), they are marked as unread again? I suspect it's not syncing between the server correctly.

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