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I am working on my first Windows Live Movie Maker slide show and I am having 2 problems with images loaded to my slide show and 1 problem with the audio.

1) Some photo's which are perfectly fine, become very blurred and out of focus when added to M/Maker.  I have tried deleting and re-loading them but the fault  is repeated.  The fault appears to be random because other images of identical specification and quality, taken on the same camera at the same time and loaded into my computer at the same time are perfectly sharp in M/Maker.

2)  The clock for setting length of display of individual images seems to be appears to be very inaccurate, as much as 3 seconds out over a period of 10 seconds.  This makes it extremely difficult to cue images and sound together. I realise M/Maker is a very basic programme, however, I think these are very basic problems which should not be happening, so am I doing something wrong or is there a fault with the programme or my computer?

3) Audio - I am using a wav file of one song as the audio track for the slide show and at times it is very stuttery.  The file plays fine on my computer.

I have gone through the repair and re-install process and the faults remain unaltered.

I am working with the Widows 7 O.S.

All and any suggestions to correct these problems would be welcome.

Chris Foster

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