MacBook Pro hard drive failure. Replaced it. Office programs dont function. Office:mac requests serial # How do we obtain old serial number from Microsoft.
As above I am unable to print anything from WLM . If I use the print button or use the drop down menu print button I have no box opening allowing me to print in any form. Can any body help ? Using Widows 7. Please do not get to technical as only a starter in computing.
Purchased new wireless Microsoft Mobile 3500 mouse for use with wireless Microsoft keyboard 2000, with HP laptop.   Mouse works but wireless keyboard does not--never liked the flat keyboard on a laptop.  How to solve this problem? 
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Hello everyone,

I allready red that some people had the same problem as me but all the suggestions did not work out for me.

That's my problem:

When I was working on my Microsoft Live Movie Maker project suddenly my computer crashed (I guess it was because of overheating). Fortunately I had just saved my file and so after a newstart of my computer I tried to open the file but Movie Maker told me, that my file is damaged and that I cannot open it anymore.

I allready asked the Microsoft Support Team twice via the support form to help me with this problem, but so far I did not get an answer. I guess my mails did not reach them... But my file is allready uploaded onto OneDrive and made public.

How can I solve my problem?

Thank you in advance!

So how does Messenger work? I want to be able to use it like texting on the iPad or an alternative to that. Why did Microsoft erase it in W8.1? Does Skype do the EXACT same thing Messenger did? Why do I have to pay to write a message or do a call because I can just use google hangouts or something else?

Oh and sorry if this is the wrong forum for this post...Thanks

I have synced two accounts to Outlook 2011 (one which is a Microsoft 365 and the other is a BT Yahoo account). The folders from the Microsoft 365 account have synced correctly with Outlook however the folders for the BT Yahoo account have not synced at all. I wondered if anyone else has had this problem and/or had a solution.

Many thanks.

I have Windows 7.  Every time I try to log into Microsoft for this forum and every time I try to log in to my Outlook email, I am asked for my email address and password.  Every single time I get told it is the wrong password and then they have to send an email to my gmail account which often doesn't arrive and I have to keep asking.  When it does, often I type the code in and it doesn't work but even if it does, then they have to phone to give me another code.  When I type that in it tells me again that I don't have the right code and I have to keep going through this over and over until finally I get in.  I don't understand the reason for this or how to stop it.  Every time I try to log in I have to change my password.  Can't we use the same password for a while?  I can't even get a password to last 2 days.  It is very frustrating.  Thanks if anyone can help.
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Recently I worked with Microsoft help to roll back my windows 8.1 update to 8.0 and reinstall 8.1. as a consequence I had to reinstall Microsoft Live essentials. When I reinstalled windows live photo gallery I realized I no longer had all of the tags and descriptions that I had so painstakingly applied. Is there any way to retrieve my old .pd6 file or re associate my lost tags?
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I have been using a new PC with windows 8.1. When Photo Gallery is opened a lot of photos I downloaded from my old PC don't open. Specifically MIX and PDD. I have looked all over the web including Microsoft and can't find anything that tells me how, if it's possible to open these files. It's surprising because MIX is a Microsoft Picture it output.